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TERRY: I would love to pump that sweet ass of hers and make her squeal with pain, (referring to my daughter)
WILLY: yeah! I’d like to tie her up and pound her juicy shaven cunt,
TERRY: yeah! or make her suck my cock,
WILLY: or better still, make her give me a titty wank,

They laughed as they continued making hand gestures indicating my daughters breasts, or slapping motions, as if they were riding her from behind, this was seriously turning me on, Just then I heard one of them say, “ let’s go down to her and see if she needs us to rub sun lotion on her back”, this made my stomach heavy with arousal, ‘what were they going to do with my daughter?’, I didn’t know but I was sure going to film it, and I left the room to get my camcorder complete with tripod and a couple of beers, when I got back they were already in my back garden, the two of them slowly walking up to my practically naked teenage daughter, ‘ the wolves were about to attack their prey’, then I noticed one of them had some tent pegs and some rope in their back pockets, Rebecca hadn’t noticed either of them as she lay there on her stomach dozing, my camcorder was set on its tripod and the filming had begun, I began to feel a pang of guilt, I was after all her father, but there was another side of me, the ‘man’ side that wanted to see her innocent face get buried in the laps of these seedy builders, Rebecca’s mother left 3 years ago and I hadn’t been laid in a year, so I was in need of some ‘relief’, I watched as Terry the oldest of the two kneeled down beside Rebecca,
“ Oh my god” she screamed as she got to her knees, her tits were bouncing as she cupped them with her arms, she was kneeling between the two Murphy bros’, “ easy” said Terry, “ everything’s fine, we just wondered if you needed us to rub sun lotion on your back, we noticed you from next door” said Terry trying to look sincere, Rebecca looked around and saw Willy checking out her ass, “ um no, that is…I’m fine, thank you” said my daughter startled, her voice was shaking, “ you’re home alone aren’t you?” said Terry trying to be casual, “ uh no, my dad’s inside” said Rebecca also trying to be casual (she was clearly nervous), I ducked behind the curtain as she pointed at the house whilst covering her breasts with one arm, “ you’re lying, he’s at the pub, everyone knows he’s an alcoholic, he’s there at the pub right now, and your all alone” said Terry, his voice had changed now, it was lower and unsettling, “ listen I have neighbors…” said Rebecca sounding scared, “they’re gone on holidays for a fortnight, they won’t be back any time soon, and there’s no one else for miles around” said Willy his tone matched Terry’s, It was true there was just my house and the neighbors we were pretty secluded where we lived, “please I don’t want any trouble, please leave!” said Rebecca, “ I don’t think so!” said Terry smiling, Rebecca rushed to her feet and tried to run for the house but was tripped by Willy, she fell to the ground, face-first her ass in the air, “ OW, that had to hurt” laughed Willy, Terry grinned and said “ well, she’s in the right position anyway” and started to laugh as well, My dick was pulsating at the sight of my scantily clad sex-bomb of a daughter, there she was, face down in the ground being humbled by the well-built skinhead builders, Rebecca started to cry, and the Murphy bros’ leaned down presumably to help her up, I was wrong, They caught her arms, one each and tied them behind her back with rope, Rebecca screamed but there was nothing she could do, Willy made a collar from another piece of rope and tightened it around her neck, tying the other end to the wooden steak and driving it into the ground, ‘They had captured their prey’ she was at their mercy, I sipped my beer with anticipation of what was to come, “ she’s bagged n’ tagged” roared Willy delighted “ now what?”, “ now” said Terry “we brand her!” his eyes gleamed with lust, Terry stepped out of sight for a few moments and returned with a soldering iron, plugged into a long extension cord, He fired the soldering iron up and held it in his hand, grabbing my daughters ass with the other, “ burn baby burn” he jeered as he burned a large M on my daughter’s tight and beautiful ass, She roared with the pain, “ that’s it, scream bitch, your our property now you slut! We own you!” said Willy laughing “ and we’re going to fuck you!” added Terry grinning, I started yanking on my dick again, this was getting seriously kinky. Show more My sweet baby girl only 16 years old was now branded and about to be raped by two mean builders, Rebecca’s face was smudged with dirt except for a few clear lines made with her tears, she bit her bottom lip, she knew what was coming, “ please I’m just a school girl” she said, “ oh fuck really, now I’m really turned on” laughed Terry, Willy joined in, Terry undid the button on his jeans letting his pants fall down, He wasn’t wearing jocks, his cock was massive and thick and rock hard, His thigh muscles were well developed from lifting with his legs, and his ass looked rock hard and firm from working on building sites, My daughter was in for a long day, Willy took out his camera phone and started to film, Terry began to feel my little girl, Letting his hand run up and down the back of her thigh and ass, He sneered as he poked two fingers into her asshole and wrapped his fingers around her thin g-string and pulled on it snapping her whole g-string away, “I love unwrapping presents” he said grinning and parted the cheeks of her ass, He spat onto her asshole and then forced his cock into her, slowly at first, and let himself sink into her asshole, all the way in, all 9 inches, Rebecca gritted her teeth and squealed with pain, “ that’s it bitch, nice and easy” moaned Terry as he began to thrust his huge dick in and out, Rebecca’s tears streamed down her face, I began to jack off at the sight of my little girl, all tied up and being ridden from behind, Terry ran his hands down her tanned back and let them slip under her and he began groping her big bouncing tits, he closed his eyes and savored her young flesh, I knew with each thrust he was shattering my daughters innocence, I continued jerking off,
Willy was getting impatient waiting for his turn and dropped his pants and boxers, he moved to the front of Rebecca and grabbed her by the hair, “ your going to suck my cock, and your going to do a good job or I’ll take the soldering iron and use it on your face” he sounded angry, Rebecca nodded her head, she was too afraid to say no, she just parted her pouting lips and let him inside her mouth, Willy groaned as he felt my daughters lips lock around his 7 inch cock, he was enjoying the warm wetness and could feel her tongue moving around caressing his dick, the two bros’ were in ecstasy as they fucked my 16 year old daughter from both ends, Rebecca looked traumatized as she rocked back and forth accommodating her rapists pleasure, She didn’t have any choice, as the Murphy bros’ broke in my teenage daughter degrading her and treating her like a cheap piece of meat, Willy squeezing my daughters fleshy tits and Terry slapping her ass as he rode her, Terry was the first to cum clenching his ass and pumped his cock juice into by baby’s ass,
A wave of contentment swept over his seedy face and then came Willy as his cum shot into my little girl’s mouth, she swallowed most of it I could tell by the way she was wincing with disgust but some had escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin, Timmy looked down at her grinning and said “ not bad for your first time out”, Tears streamed once more from by daughters beautiful blue eyes, and I came last shooting my load into my bedroom curtains as my camcorder caught every cruel moment of my daughters rape, I smiled and lit a cigarette as my cum oozed down my bedroom curtain,
“ you did good bitch” said Terry as he cut Rebecca’s hands loose, “ in time you’ll be better” he said patting her ass, “ what do you mean?” said Rebecca, “ I’m going to report you to the police after you leave” she said trying to restore her dignity, “ no you won’t!” said Willy, “ not unless you want everyone jerking off to you getting raped” he said showing her his camera phone, Rebecca sobbed “ from now on your our personal bitch to fuck and suck where ever when ever we tell you, and your gonna meet us at your neighbors house tonight so we can enjoy you some more” said Willy as he used my daughters hair to wipe his dick clean, “ yeah you are technically still a virgin” said Terry rubbing Rebecca’s pussy “ we’ll have to do something about that!” and they both laughed, The Murphy bros’ pulled up their pants and left, Rebecca knelt in the garden crying while stroking the part of her ass where her rapists branded her, she eventually staggered into the house and went upstairs to shower, I took the tape out of the camcorder and marked it ‘ DADDY’S SUNKISSED BITCH’ and hid it in my wardrobe, I snuck downstairs and walked in the front door again to appear as if I just got in, Rebecca was walking down the stairs wearing a bath towel, “ hey sweetheart, had a good day today?” I enquired, Knowing that she hadn’t and that she’d had the most traumatizing day of her life, “ yes Daddy” she said unconvincingly, “ good” I said and headed for the kitchen, “ um Daddy?” said my little girl, “I have to go to a slumber party tonight, is that all right?” her voice was shaking, “ okay sweetheart but only if you agree to do all the housework this week” ( I knew I was taking advantage of her agonizing situation) “ uh okay Daddy!” she said and went upstairs, moments later I could hear crying, ‘oh well!’ I thought and opened the fridge and grabbed a beer and looked forward to the next installment of my daughters degradation………….

Hentai: [SAKULA] Lips Junky (COMIC Koh 2018-05) [English] [INSURRECTION] [Digital]

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[SAKULA] Lips ♥ Junky (COMIC 高 2018年5月号) [英訳] [DL版]

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